This website was originally designed to showcase my collection of vintage Kens, his friends, and their outfits. It has since expanded to become the most informative and thoroughly researched resource for male fashion dolls and clothing from 1961 to 1987, with almost 5000 images.

The collection concentrates on Ken, but includes Mattel’s Allan, Brad, Curtis, and even Donny Osmond and the Heart Family dad, as they were all designed to wear Ken’s clothing. Various clone copies of Ken and other, non-Mattel, male fashion dolls are also mentioned here, but as there is very little documentary evidence available these sections are very much work-in-progress.

As a guide for collectors, the site presents the basic facts of ‘what, where & when’. I am not affiliated to Mattel in any way. The information is derived from my own ongoing research, so is liable to change as new facts come to light. Original documents such as period advertisements, mail-order catalogues, department store guides, Mattel catalogues, in-house documents and booklets, and obviously the items themselves, are all helping me piece it together. In almost every case I include this material in order to authenticate my research. I’ve already discovered a lot of information which contradicts established ideas, so there should hopefully be a few surprises in store! Additionally, items and variations I didn’t know existed are still constantly turning up. To assist other collectors and complete the picture, I have included photos of some original packaging I do not personally own. All dolls and outfits are for reference purposes only.

In Summer 2017 my first ebook THE VINTAGE KEN® BOOK was made available as a PDF. It describes the vintage years 1961-1967 in great detail, and is beautifully illustrated throughout. It can be bought and downloaded here.

It is great hearing from other collectors! Do you need help identifying something? Have you discovered a rare variation which is missing here? Have I made an error in a description? Do you have additional information to provide? Do you have a foreign Ken I have not mentioned? I am particularly grateful for good scans from catalogues and booklets, which I am missing or have only in bad quality. Please write/send pictures to: Obviously it would also be wonderful to hear from ex-Mattel employees (from the 1960s especially), who could provide any extra images or information.