1978-1983 SUPERSTAR

1978 #2211 SuperStar Ken

1978 Malibu Ken, Ken (Sun & Surf) & SuperStar Ken

MALIBU KEN #1088 The final Malibu Ken was released, looking exactly like the last model from the previous year. The packaging is different (‘open’ on one side, resealable ends), with slightly different graphics and illustration. He was called Malibu Ken everywhere
1979 #1088 Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken

1979 Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken, Beach Fun Ken & Hawaiian Ken

SUN LOVIN’ MALIBU KEN #1088 Mattel produced several near-identical dolls over the next few years with different names and outfits, but Sun Lovin’ Malibu Ken is the only one with tan lines. There are several slight variations of both doll and
1979 #2798 Fashion Favorites

1979 The Outfits

In 1979 the Best Buy Fashions and Get-Ups ‘N Go ranges were replaced by Fashion Collectibles and Fashion Favorites. The Collectibles, like the Best Buy Fashions, tended to be just a basic outfit with an occasional accessory, and the Favorites,
1980 #1019 Scott

1980 Sport & Shave Ken, Sports Star Ken, Roller Skate Ken & Scott

SPORT & SHAVE KEN #1294 Sport & Shave Ken was Mattel’s most flexible Ken ever at the time; a similar body to SuperStar Ken, but with articulated wrists, and arms which bend at the elbow. He has a unique head-mold,
1980 #1415 Designer Originals Evening Elegance

1980 The Outfits

Until 1980 the design of Ken’s trousers hadn’t changed since 1972, with a half-elasticated waistband (at back). During the Superstar era Mattel began to experiment with new styles. A few remained the same, but some had a totally elasticated waistband,
1981 #3600 Western Ken

1981 Golden Nights/Disco Ken & Western Ken

GOLDEN NIGHTS/DISCO KEN #3208 This Ken was made in the Philippines. He has side-pointing hands and unusual caramel-colour hair. He was only released in Europe as Disco Ken and Canada as Golden Nights or Soir Dorés Ken. GOLDEN NIGHTS/SOIR DORÉS
1981 Kmart Fashion Favorites #5209

1981 The Outfits

The Fashion Collectibles and Fashion Favorites ranges continued. The clothing is better made than the previous two years (except Paint The Town Red, which is very shoddy), and there are some fantastic outfits here, with loads of great variations. Unfortunately the
1982 #3903 Jeans Ken

1982 Sunsational Malibu Ken, All Star Ken, Jeans Ken, Jogging Ken & Fashion Jeans Ken

SUNSATIONAL MALIBU KEN #1088 Sunsational Malibu Ken was the first Ken available in various ethnic types, unless of course you count Hawaiian Ken from 1979, but he was just a regular Mod Ken with slightly darker skin and brown eyes.
1982 #3774 Fashion Collectibles

1982 The Outfits

WESTERN FASHIONS Western Fringe! #3580 This is a one-off outfit, designed to tie in with Western Ken and Horse Lovin’ Ken. It was part of a larger series for Barbie, though Mattel sadly only made this one outfit for Ken.
1983 #3600 Horse Lovin' Ken

1983 Ken Cérémonie, Horse Lovin' Ken, Dream Date Ken, Super Sport Ken & Todd

KEN CÉRÉMONIE #693 Ken Cérémonie was unique to Mattel France. He looks almost identical to the regular domestic Superstar Kens, but is shorter with slightly waxier skin. His suit is a variation of the Designer Originals outfit Dandy Lines #3797
1983 #4077 Dream Date Ken

Mattel Spain and Mattel France exclusives

Mattel France and Mattel Spain both produced their own versions of several regular Kens (as well as Derek and the Heart Family Dad) throughout the 1980s. Mattel Spain even produced their own clothing. The French Kens are marked Made in

Superstar Clones & Clothing

The classic Mod Ken clone doll continued to be sold by various companies as shown below, packaged as Harry in Germany, and Gary in the US (see also section Best Buy Clones & Clothing). Note that Harry is wearing the