1969-1973 MOD

1969 #1111 New Good Lookin' Talking Ken

1969 New Good-Lookin' Talking Ken

In 1969 the new-look Ken was released, inspired by the ‘Mod’ generation, and complete with talking mechanism. He is similar in height to the vintage Ken, but looks completely different, with a much beefier body. The dolls themselves were originally
1969 #1429 Rally Gear

1969 The Outfits

Four outfits appeared for ‘Mod’ Ken in 1969. Surprisingly few considering the wait and that this brand new Ken was far too hunky to wear any of the old Ken clothes. Still, they are great. Rally Gear is my absolute
1970 #1142 Brad

1970 New Good-Lookin' (Talking) Ken & New (Talking) Brad

NEW GOOD-LOOKIN’ TALKING KEN #1111 The original New Good-Lookin’ Talking Ken was quickly replaced by a second version which came in the same packaging, but wearing a turquoise and orange beach outfit. There is also a Spanish-speaking version of this
1970 #1436 Bold Gold

1970 The Outfits

Four new outfits were available for 1970. There were also two great Sears exclusives: the first Casual All Stars Set, and the gift-boxed Red, White ‘N Wild Set. All trousers from 1969-71 outfits have working YKK zips. Some have an
1971 #1159 Live Action Ken

1971 New Good-Lookin' (Talking) Ken, New Talking Brad, The Sun Set Malibu Ken & Live Action Ken

NEW GOOD-LOOKIN’ TALKING KEN #1111 During 1970 doll production moved to Hong Kong, and Ken was given a new head-mold. This is the version which would have been sold from late 1970 onward. He spoke new phrases: PJ’s having a
1971 #1473 VIP Scene

1971 The Outfits

1971 was the ‘Scene’ year. Fashion Pak items included a set of golf clubs, footwear, and shirts and slacks with accessories. As well as their continuing Casual All Stars series (see section Casual All Stars – Sears exclusive sets 1970-73), Sears
1972 #1184 Walk Lively Ken

1972 Walk Lively Ken, & (Talking) Busy Ken

WALK LIVELY KEN #1184 Walk Lively Ken’s arms and head turn if you move his legs. In Germany he was also known as Geh-mit-Ken and in the Netherlands as Loop-met-Ken. He came with his own unique ‘walking’ stand. The Australian version
1972 Fashion Originals #1828

1972 The Outfits

1972 saw the beginning of the Fashion Originals and Best Buy Fashions ranges. Gone are the zips and the fine tailoring of the early outfits. The trousers are simply half-elasticated at back with fly-stitching detail on front. This became the
1973 #4224 Mod Hair Ken

1973 Mod Hair Ken

MOD HAIR KEN #4224 The brand new doll for 1973 was Mod Hair Ken, the first Ken since 1961 with ‘real’ hair. He also came with stick-on facial hair: a beard, moustaches and sideburns. He was mostly produced in Hong
1972 #1514 Casual All Stars jacket

Casual All Stars – Sears exclusive sets 1970-1973

The Casual All Stars series began in 1970 and ran until 1973. They were genuine Mattel outfit sets available through the Sears Christmas Wish Book. Each set came with a jacket, two pairs of slacks, a long-sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved
From 1972 Spiegel Christmas catalogue

Mod Clones & Clothing

It didn’t take long for the clone companies to catch up with Mattel, and by 1971 clone Kens and clothing in the new Mod-look dimensions were readily available. While most US department store catalogues still sold the genuine Mattel Kens,