1973-1978 BEST BUY

1973 #7706 Get-Ups 'N Go

1973 The Outfits

In 1973 a new series called Get-Ups ‘N Go fashions began. They are complete outfits with various accessories. Both the Best Buy Fashions and the GUAG outfits were produced in Korea. No Get-Ups ‘N Go outfits were printed on the
1974 #7809 The Sports Set Sun Valley Ken

1974 Sun Valley Ken & (Live) Action Ken

THE SPORTS SET SUN VALLEY KEN #7809 The new boy for 1974 was The Sports Set Sun Valley Ken. He is probably my favourite Mod blonde. His skin is paler and his hair is a kind of mustard colour, his
1974 #7869 Sears Best Buy Fashions

1974 The Outfits

All outfits from this year were produced in Korea. The Get-Ups ‘N Go and Best Buy Fashions from 1974-1978 were not printed on the reverse. Again, none of the Best Buy Fashions came with shoes, hence no close-ups of them.
1975 #7282 Free Moving Curtis

1975 The Sun Set Malibu Ken, Funtime Ken, Gold Medal Skier Ken & Free Moving Ken & Curtis

THE SUN SET MALIBU KEN #1088 I have discovered several (The Sun Set) Malibu Kens with slightly different looks, markings and boxes. The first one to be made in Taiwan was packaged in a white box, though in Europe and
1975 #9047 Fashion Originals

1975 The Outfits

All outfits were produced in Korea, and there were some great ones this year, including two Gold Medal outfits. None of these Best Buy Fashions originally came with shoes. Curiously, Best Buy Fashions #7228 doesn’t seem to exist. BEST BUY FASHIONS BEST
1976 #9342 The Now Look Ken

1976 Malibu Ken, Funtime Ken, Gold Medal Ken & The Now Look Ken

In 1976 Ken packaging was given a new style logo, which was used right through the Superstar era and beyond. This is also an important year for packaging: almost all Barbie & Ken boxes from here on would be pink
1976 #9167 Get Ups 'N Go

1976 The Outfits

All 1976 outfits were produced in Korea. There were some great ones this year, with an overall seaside-holiday theme. Four of them (#9696-9699) were exclusive to Sears.* Note Ken’s new logo on all the packaging. BEST BUY FASHIONS BEST BUY
1977 #7380 Ken Simpatia

1977 Malibu Ken, The Now Look Ken, Ken Simpatia & Partytime Ken

The new Malibu Ken came in a box similar to the ones shown in the previous year, but the box is much smaller, and the graphics have now altered slightly, with the Mattel logo at the bottom. It is still dated

1977 The Outfits

1977-78 were hit-and-miss years for Ken clothing, a kind of in-between fashion period, which doesn’t quite achieve its own clear identity. Despite the appearance of SuperStar Ken in 1978, for me, the Superstar era doesn’t really begin until 1979, when
1978 #2243 Best Buy Fashions

1978 The Outfits

Despite SuperStar Ken being launched this year, the clothing was still designed and packaged as Best Buy Fashions and Get-Ups ‘N Go outfits. Only one of the 1978 Best Buy Fashions (#2241) originally came with footwear, so I’ve added some
1977 #9813 TV Fashions Deepest Purple

1977-1978 Donny & Jimmy Osmond

Donny and Jimmy Osmond are included here, even though they’re not really part of the Ken family. They are however original Mattel, and Donny was designed to fit Ken’s clothing. DONNY OSMOND #9767 There are two versions of Donny’s original outfit.
From 1974 Spiegel Christmas catalogue

Best Buy Clones & Clothing

By the mid-1970s only Montgomery Ward and Sears were still selling genuine Mattel Ken clothing through the Christmas catalogues. The other stores sold their own cheaper ‘clone’ clothing, sometimes in combination with a genuine Ken, but mostly independently. There were